Experienced Wellness Consultants
Our team is made up of certified and dedicated professionals who have a wide range of experience in the health and wellness field.
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Data Collection and ROI Analysis
Periodic ROI analyses measure cost savings in relation to wellness program investment.
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Health Fairs and Biometric Screenings
Coordination and set-up of health fairs to measure biometric data and determine risk of chronic diseases.
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Community and Grant-funded Programs
Assitance searching and applying for grant funds to bring wellness programs to your business or community organization.
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Customized Programs
Each client receives a program designed specifically for their employees, community and culture.
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The LaCarte Difference
Your company and your employees are unique. At LaCarte Wellness, our first priority is getting to know your company’s culture and values. Our experienced team of wellness consultants will create a wellness plan that is tailored to your company’s needs and goals. Learn how we can become your partner in wellness.
Brokers and HR Managers
LaCarte Wellness stays up-to-date with the latest trends, research and technology in the wellness, human resources, health management and business industries. We can provide your clients effective, customized wellness solutions with a high ROI. Contact us today for more information.
Our Clients
LaCarte Wellness clients include non-profits, private and publicly held firms, and small businesses. Our clients enjoy a tailored program that fits their wellness program needs. Contact us today to start designing your wellness program.