The LaCarte Difference

In French, the term “à la carte” refers to a menu that lists items separately, as opposed to simply offering pre-set meals, so diners are able to construct a personalized feast.  At LaCarte Wellness, we use the same idea to create customized wellness programs that suit the needs of our clients, instead of simply offering “cookie cutter” packages like some of our competitors.  When designing a program, we conduct interviews, surveys and assessments with both senior management and the general workforce to ensure that the wellness program we create addresses the needs and goals of your company.

Whether you are looking for a comprehensive wellness plan, a boost for your existing program, or access to timely and accurate information on health topics to increase awareness and promote a healthy lifestyle inside and outside of your workplace, LaCarte Wellness can help you reach your goals!

Contact us to find out how we can help you promote a happy and healthy workplace environment.