Program Evaluation

Success is measured in many ways.  Through the planning process, we will help you establish benchmarks and metrics to measure the effectiveness of your wellness program. We will keep track of employee biometric data, such as body mass index (BMI), waist circumference, total pounds lost, increases in nutrition and fitness knowledge, improvements in fitness levels, decreases in employees’ risk of chronic diseases, and more. This data will be made available to you on a periodic basis so you can track the progress of your wellness program.

LaCarte Wellness will also work with your human resources department to collect aggregate data on health insurance costs to measure future savings. If your program continues over the long-term, we will provide return on investment (ROI) analysis so you can better understand your cost savings in relation to your wellness program’s implementation costs. Our data collection and reporting processes comply with HIPAA and GINA regulations.

At LaCarte Wellness, we are dedicated to designing customized wellness programs that meet your needs and show results! 

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